One of the major travelers delights today; Scuba Diving has come into its own in a big way in India. Popular for decades in the West, it has now joined the ranks of extreme activities in the itinerary of the adventure seeker.

What is Scuba Diving? Scuba Diving is an underwater sport practiced by many thrill -seekers and lovers of water and nature. The word SCUBA is actually an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. This world is a vastly unexplored environment for many people. Be it the beautiful and brightly colored marine life or the thrill of watching the power and grace of a school of sharks or discovering a cave and even artifacts such as a sunken ship, it is incredibly addictive and fun.



Everyone knows there are joys to be found in watching the world flowing by in a flurry of wind and speed sitting in an open topped automobile or a bouncing speedboat. Yet for the true traveler at heart, nothing beats the trek outdoors.

Trekking and backpacking represent the spirit of every adventure trip and are the foundations to every holiday you ever take. Nothing beats the hike up a steep and forbidding mountain or a foray cross-country across wide expanses of untouched forests and valleys.

The inclination to pack it up and hoof it for long distances can be traced back to our days as nomadic hunter-gatherers, and the goal is little different now than it was back then: Traveling to exciting and unseen places powered by will, stamina, and whatever provisions you can carry on your back. Today, getting there is all the fun, what with newfangled backpacks to ease your burden, allowing you to drink up the unfolding scenery and let your mind wander. When you finally reach your destination, feel free to let out a triumphant, primal yelp in deference to your ancestors.



Once seen as an idle way to spend an uneventful afternoon, Fishing and Angling are now much more.  Most people have the idea that fishing is all about sitting in a boat all day waiting for something to bite your line. What are we, in the Middle Ages??  Adventure Fishing has become a huge sport and a really fun activity. The thrill behind it that you have countless places to practice it!

Be it your garden backwaters or the Indian Ocean, the places and types of underwater species waiting are never-ending and varied. Yep, its not all just about the line and the hook. Part of the adventure comes from the journey you take to reach there and the skills you display waiting for that perfect bite. When all is said and done, who doesn’t want to have their picture taken next to the 15-foot bass they`ve caught?



Bicycle touring is a form of cycling where riders take to the road and travel long distances. Bicycle touring can last a couple of days or even many years! Either way, riders carry most or all of what they need with them on their bike or packs! Bike touring is not only a great way to explore new countries, but also the place where you live.

Free from the confines of a car, and with much more time to directly interact with the environment around you, bike touring is a great way to stay healthy, and to get the most out of your travels.We can call it "bicycling for health". It is off the well-trodden tourist path that the cyclist is truly able to celebrate all the subtle nuances of new locations and culture.